Anyone who’s ever spent 5 minutes chatting with Sarah knows she always has a project on the go, usually more than one. Here is a list of her current favorites:

Facets Album CoverHow low? About so-lo!: So Sarah’s got this solo album, Fiddle Soup. And that means when you can pry her away from filming for a PBS Civil War documentary or performing at a Nashville Predators Hockey game, Sarah brings her tunes wherever you want them.




The Flyaways: Acoustic swing tunes meet old-time fiddle tunes and have a sweeping yet bouncy love affair in this Nashville-based group. And yes, the red-head looks familiar.



Writerly WaysWriterly Ways: Composing is something dear to this fiddler’s heart. Writerly Ways will provide custom compositions for film, TV, stage shows, weddings, ballets, you name it.


 Writing: Even fiddle players do more than fiddle, eat, and knit. Sarah has been a contributing writer to Performer Magazine, as well as having her articles featured in Berklee Today and on the writer’s website Someday she’ll write a Great American Novel, probably involving unicorns.

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