Motherhood, incoming!

In a post on her blog, Sarah expounds on her pregnancy, her decision to leave Mustang Sally, and her musical plans for the future:

Life has a funny way of making sure I don’t get too comfortable, sometimes. At the end of May, my husband and I found out that we are expecting a baby. We are thrilled about this, however the timing meant that I was already committed to the intense Mustang Sally summer tour. Ok fine, I thought to myself. So I’ll be extra tired. How bad can it be? Foolish last words… Morning sickness is a total misnomer. For me, it has been 6 weeks (and counting) of all day all night sickness, which is startlingly enhanced by bus travel. Yikes. 

By the end of June, it was apparent to everyone in the band that I wasn’t going to make it through the whole summer. (Personally, I think they must have been tired of listening to me yak in the bus bathroom.) Prior to this time I had decided that I would be taking my leave of the band at some point, because being a good parent and being a road musician are rather mutually exclusive. (Infant on the bus? Um. No. Sarah leave infant at home for weeks at a time? Uh, bigger no.) So on July 23, I played my last show with Mustang Sally, wrapping up an 8 ½ year career that has spanned 6 countries, roughly 1700 days on the road, and more giggles and practical jokes than I can count. I love these girls and guy very much, and I’m going to miss making music with them on a regular basis.

However, I have no intention of hanging up my fiddle just because of impending parenthood. I have a new solo album that will be released in the next month, and I am looking forward to playing some great shows in Nashville and beyond (Irish music! Gypsy jazz! Swing!!), as well as working more with composition.

Life is providing me with a new adventure, and I intend to embrace it with open arms. Besides, who am I kidding? My kid is going to be freaking adorable!

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Fiddle Soup Holiday Sale

The holidays are just around the corner, and Sarah’s debut solo album is on sale at CDBaby for $9 until the end of December! So for folks who are scratching their heads over what to give loved ones, how about their very own bowl of Fiddle Soup? Word on the street is that it goes well with cup of hot chocolate, or possibly some hot buttered rum.

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Film Score Mania

As holiday season rolls around, Sarah is keeping busy knitting lots of Christmas presents for her family, and composing and recording a score (with her longtime friend and collaborator Adam Janowski) for Patrick Elliot’s short film, This Side of the Fence. The romantic dramedy documents the interactions of a landscaper and a coffee barista in small-town USA, capturing a wide range of emotions in a short span of time. Emotional range in music is something Sarah and Adam are quite fond of, so of course Sarah has been behaving like a kid in a candy shop by pulling out every instrument she possesses for the recording effort. (Though her cello playing is somewhat suspect!)

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Welcome to the new and improved!

Sarah Wilfong loves popcorn, knitting, Star Trek, and playing the fiddle, but most people stop by because of the last thing on the list. (Though to be fair, Sarah’s a deft hand with microwave popcorn. Let her pop some for you sometime.)

Whether she’s performing, recording, or composing, Sarah’s music is filled with energy that infects those who listen with the urge to tap their toes. Sarah and her fiddle are always up to something interesting, and this is the place to find out exactly what that may be.

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