Postcard from the past

I used to perform at Renaissance Faires, coffee houses, pubs, and Chicago-area music festivals with my mom and sisters with our group, O’Carolan’s Daughters. We had a good run, performing throughout most of the 90′s and into the early 2000′s until I moved to Boston to go to college. (By the way, rumors of my attending Julliard are greatly exaggerated. I did, however, have a great experience at Berklee College of Music.)

Newspaper clippings, circa 1996-98

So when my mom recently came to visit me in Nashville and brought a box with O’Carolan’s Daughters memorabilia, it was like opening a time capsule back to 1998. There were old set lists, press releases, and newspaper clippings with our faces on them. There was also a folder with a huge mailing list, from back when sending postcards via USPS was the way musicians communicated with their friends and fans. Flipping through the folder, I saw names that I remembered and thought, “Gee, I wonder what ever happened to that guy? Does that lady still play music?” And then the brainwave happened: I should send postcards to these people! Maybe it’s a little kitschy, it’s certainly old-school, and there is a good chance that people don’t live at their old addresses anymore. But it’s worth a shot.

So if you received a postcard from me and it led you here, hi! (If you received an email newsletter from me and it led you here, hello to you too! And congratulations, I know you reside in the 21st century. Postcard people, the jury is still out on you.) On my postcard, I made lofty promises of filling you in on the events of the past 10 years. A daunting task, but I’ll do my best to give you the highlights.


The ladies of Mustang Sally. Can you find the fiddle player?


Berklee was awesome. I learned lots of stuff, played lots of different kinds of music, and made some great friends, a lot of whom I still make music with now. From there, I was invited to join the all-girl country group, Mustang Sally. I moved to Nashville, and traveled the world with them for 8 ½ years, from the rolling hills of Ohio to Korea, Japan, and Switzerland. I never tallied the actual mileage, but I suspect I accumulated enough to have gone around the globe at least a dozen times. We landed a record deal, recorded an album, made a music video, and lost the record deal. Someday it will make a great made-for-TV movie. We also played a lot of pranks on each other, the details of which are outlined in this article.

I continued to write and record my own music as well, culminating in two solo albums. (So far. Don’t worry, I have lots more ideas!) The story of the creation of my most recent album, Facets, is here. It was an incredible experience.


Kira's first time in the studio. Background vocals, anyone?


On the personal side, there have been a lot of changes as well. I cut my hair! I married a Canadian juggler! And in January, I had a baby!! Life is crazy beautiful, I tell you.

And to bring things back full circle, I’m playing at the Bristol Renaissance Faire on the 27th and 28th of July. I look forward to seeing old friends and new friends, and to introduce the next generation to the wonders of the life of the wandering minstrel.

So I encourage you to poke around the site, join the mailing list if you haven’t already, and maybe check out some tunes. Thanks for visiting!

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