Motherhood, incoming!

In a post on her blog, Sarah expounds on her pregnancy, her decision to leave Mustang Sally, and her musical plans for the future:

Life has a funny way of making sure I don’t get too comfortable, sometimes. At the end of May, my husband and I found out that we are expecting a baby. We are thrilled about this, however the timing meant that I was already committed to the intense Mustang Sally summer tour. Ok fine, I thought to myself. So I’ll be extra tired. How bad can it be? Foolish last words… Morning sickness is a total misnomer. For me, it has been 6 weeks (and counting) of all day all night sickness, which is startlingly enhanced by bus travel. Yikes. 

By the end of June, it was apparent to everyone in the band that I wasn’t going to make it through the whole summer. (Personally, I think they must have been tired of listening to me yak in the bus bathroom.) Prior to this time I had decided that I would be taking my leave of the band at some point, because being a good parent and being a road musician are rather mutually exclusive. (Infant on the bus? Um. No. Sarah leave infant at home for weeks at a time? Uh, bigger no.) So on July 23, I played my last show with Mustang Sally, wrapping up an 8 ½ year career that has spanned 6 countries, roughly 1700 days on the road, and more giggles and practical jokes than I can count. I love these girls and guy very much, and I’m going to miss making music with them on a regular basis.

However, I have no intention of hanging up my fiddle just because of impending parenthood. I have a new solo album that will be released in the next month, and I am looking forward to playing some great shows in Nashville and beyond (Irish music! Gypsy jazz! Swing!!), as well as working more with composition.

Life is providing me with a new adventure, and I intend to embrace it with open arms. Besides, who am I kidding? My kid is going to be freaking adorable!

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  1. Sharon Vandenberg says:

    Sarah you and your husband are going to be over the moon with this new addition, not to mention that it will be great for your mother in law to have something to focus on now that she is alone. I followed her terrible ordeal with her husband on caring bridges and her suffering will turn into sunshine now that she has a little one to dote on! Congratulations and hope all goes well for you all.

    • sarah says:

      Thank you for your well wishes, Sharon! Yes, my mother-in-law is already thrilled beyond words at the prospect of a grandbaby, and I am thrilled at the thought of an extra pair of hands to help when she comes to visit, which she promises will be often! Ted and I can’t wait to meet our little peanut, and even though we have several months to go.

  2. Vickie Haas says:

    You are right your child will be adorable just as you are. I will miss you, just found you as family. I will enjoy your music and buy your new cd and maybe we’ll meet again one day. You have made a choice that most don’t make, your child comes first. That says alot about you. I am truly glad we met. Looking forward to seeing pictures of you and that sweet baby!

    • sarah says:

      Vickie, I have a strong feeling that we will meet up again. Don’t worry, I am sure the internet will be plastered with photos of my child once it makes an appearance; I don’t think wild horses could keep my mom from posting things! I have really enjoyed getting to know you as well, we’ll keep the Wilfong dream alive. :)

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